1960 – Nivi is established as a sole proprietorship, specialized in offering commercial/financial information services, in the recruitment and selection of sales staff and in the management of debt collection.

1989 – Nivi becomes Nivi Credit S.r.l. and specializes in the microcredit field becoming a leading company on the market at a national level.

2009 – Nivi Credit starts expanding on foreign markets.

2010 – Nivi Gestiones España S.L. Company is established in Madrid.

2013 – The following Companies are established:

  • Chicago Nivi USA Inc.
  • Mexico City Nivi Gestiones Mexicana S. de R.L.
  • London Nivi UK Management Ltd.

2014 – Nivi Group S.p.A. Holding company, owner of the Nivi trademark and of the company know-how, is established in Florence.

2015 – Nivi Green S.u.r.l. is founded in Florence, Quantic Research in Rome and Nivi City S.a.g.l. in Lugano.