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Nivi Credit was at Business Market Day at the Cathedral (old Breda) in Pistoia on March the 19th. The event, organized by Confesercenti and in its third edition, was addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises of any kind in order to promote growth, reclassify the offer and improve their image. Paolo Crepet, psychiatrist, was the special guest, who held a conference on “Innovation rewards the brave”. Nivi presented Nivinform, Business Information platform which combines national and international business information from official and unofficial data.

During the workshop, seminars and meetings with the intervention of the heads of Confesercenti were offered. At the first one “Enterprise 4.0 and impact on SMEs of trade and tourism” Mauro Bussoni, Secretary-General of Confesercenti intervened about innovation and digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises, which is “an important step to have access to new market opportunities, because of the strong necessity to support these processes within the area of services, where there is the need to apply the concept of Enterprise 4.0, not only in manufacturing, but also in trade, tourism and logistics”.

Pierluigi Lorenzini (Provincial President of Confesercenti) and Alessandro Ravecca (National President of Federfranchising) participated at the round table entitled “All you want to know about Franchising, but tou don’t dare to ask”.