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Nivi Group S.p.A.

Project financed in the framework of POR CREO FESR 2014-2020 – Action line 3.4.2 a) – Internationalization of the regional production system: export support MPMI

Ban of Internationalization 2015 “Support to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises for the internationalization process”

Project: Smart System for the Safety of Minors

Brief Description

Nivi Group S.p.A. is a multinational company specialized in design and development of innovative solutions especially dedicated to Service, Technology and Security. In the context of the company’s activities, there is a new possibility of collaboration with an important international public body that deals with safety and social services, thus starting an internationalization project aimed at the implementation of safety systems for the management and control of the school structure, with the specific goal to improve the safety of minors.
This project foresaw the monitoring and data management of several sensors, databases and data sources to meet the specific needs of the physical safety. The specificity of the project foresaw, in fact, the monitoring of different sensitive sites distributed on a particularly big national territory, monitored and controlled by a single command center through a particularly innovative technology of data aggregation and representation.
After careful study and assessing feasibility it has been decided to set up the IT infrastructure which foresaw the installing of several safety sensors. In each site firefighting, anti-smoke, access, perimeter sensors, static CCTVs and PTZs have been installed. All the communication flows of the sensors have been aggregated in one server with technical features able to manage and send back to the control and management interface many transactions/second and several streaming video of CCTVs. The management dashboard is a graphic technology in 3D environment which, by receiving the data from the underlying server, gives the possibility to the operator to have the complete vision in real time of the infrastructure’s status, thus allowing the operator to take it over control in case of alarms issued by the applied sensors.



To date the control room is staged with multi touch tables for each operator who controls, without any specific and particular skills, all the sensors thanks to the technology of data representation used.
This project of internationalization was finalized for an improvement action of the safety conditions, by customizing it depending on the specific needs submitted.