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On Thursday the 10th of November 2016 in Palazzo del Capitano of Montepulciano, sponsored by the Municipality of Montepulciano and of the Union of Municipalities of Valdichiana Senese, Nivi Credit supported the event “ the crime of murder and road traffic injuries, eight months from introduction”, organized by Cerchio Blu, organization consisting of psychologists, criminalists, sociologists and Police officers, working with the relational findings of the Police and Rescue professions.

During the Convention, at which officers of the Traffic Police, Municipal Police, Carabinieri and rescue operators participated, various findings and operational aspects have been treated, including the effect that this important legislative amendment (read the rule) is having on the involved public administrations.

Agnese Pane, Commander of the Traffic Police of Siena, Guiseppe Napolitano, Executive of the Municipality of Pistoia for the service “Studies research Municipal Regulations and Training” and Fabio Dimita, Administrative Director of Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, spoke, coordinated by Massimo Montebove, Responsible of National Communication Silp Cgil.

Nivi Green too took part in the Convention for the promotion of the Smart City solutions, such as optical sensors for the smart management of parking areas, cameras for the reading of the plate registration numbers and the T&C solution for the representation of Bi Data.