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Nivi Group will be present at the next Security&Counter Terror Expo, to be held in London on 19th and 20th of April 2016.

Hosted in the historical buildings, recently renovated, of Olympia London, the Security&Counter Terror will be attended by professionals from the public and private sectors, that operate in the compartment of strategy for the protection for the territories.
Security&Counter Terror is a complete show-case of technologies, equipment and services dedicated to the protection of the Nations, their Municipalities, crowded places and critical infrastructure.

Nivi Group, present with its own technologies, is going to present the management, control and remote control system T&C Solution to the professionals, demonstrated on multitouch tables.
The products will be examined N -Press and the rendering technology of predictive algorithms TWC of Semeion Institute of Rome.




N-Press is the solution for the real time monitoring about topics discussed online, recognized through search keys  and extrapolated thanks to a technology able to understand and automatically identify the relations between the concepts expressed in the texts. The graphic representation of T&C Solution allows the prompt interpretation of these data.

N-Soul Space Solution is a management solution of strategic information, used to help the inquiries. It introduces a new observational methodology, which helps the comprehension and visualization of the analyzed phenomena. The purpose is to facilitate the difficult choices by offering ample hidden information. A lot of clues come from complex relations that are often subtle without the proper tools.

Through powerful and well tested algorithms, N-Soul Space Solution is able to represent a wide range of indications in a credible and intuitive manner, that don’t require specific mathematical skills. Thanks to dynamic methods for the detection of critical points Topological Weighted Centroid – TWC developed by the Semeion Institute of Rome, chaired by Prof. Massimo Buscema, the operator is able to evaluate the proper strategies for the protection for the territory.

Nivi Group – Pav. Advanced Technologies Zone – Booth D88