Nivi Group S.p.A., a company based in Florence, originates from the experience of Nivi Credit S.r.l., a specialized company in the field of Debt Collection for Companies and in the research of commercial and financial information.

Nivi Group is nowadays experiencing a strong expansion and has considerably differentiated its initial offer by specializing in Security Solutions for the territory and in state-of-the-art Technological Solutions for Public Administrations and Companies.
The Holding company guarantees a global coverage thanks to the Companies which are present all over the world:

  • Florence – Nivi Credit S.r.l., Quantic Research S.u.r.l.
  • Madrid – Nivi Gestiones España S.L.

Thanks to sound partnerships and to continuous investments, Nivi Group enters the market as a software research and development company offering solutions with a high technological value. Customers’ satisfaction is our best business card certifying a continuous company analysis and growth process.
Nivi Group consists of three Business Units in order to offer specific services and solutions for any market segment:



By availing ourselves of the strength of tradition we are successfully pursuing our company’s pioneer services by means of consolidated operational processes and of a portfolio of complete solutions for the national and international market.
Nivi Group offers a wide range of integrated services, which can meet the needs of Companies and Public Administrations:

  • AM.M.O. – American Municipality Outsourcing
  • Docubank
  • EMO – European Municipality Outsourcing
  • Business Investigation
  • Customers’ Monitoring
  • Debt Collection
  • Collection of Unpaid Tolls
  • SNN – National Notification Solution
  • SNR – Radar Notification Solution



Having always been in line with the continuous market evolution and with the customers’ special needs, we can offer state-of-the-art software solutions based on the latest technological news. Nivi Group is today one of the most innovative Italian companies and the solutions we offer have been designed and realized by highly qualified professionals.
Easy to be managed and complying with any single need, these are the main solutions offered:

  • SCABUS – Bus Anti-counterfeiting Control System
  • Smart Parking, Smart Sonic, Webcam Parking for the intelligent management of parking areas
  • The New Engine
  • ViSeQR the Smart Stamp



Security and control needs have been increasingly expressed within our everyday life, both in simple and complex environments. Thanks to its know-how, its engagement and a perfect synergy between cooperators, Nivi Group is able to meet the customers’ needs and to offer innovative solutions for physical security. All offered solutions can be customized, scaled and can be integrated with already existing systems, this way allowing a considerable reduction in costs.
The main solutions are:

  • N-Scan vehicle plates – Boarder Eye
  • SSP – Public Security Solution
  • SSPE – Penitentiary Security Solution
  • The New Engine