Business Information

Nivinform® platform makes it possible to clearly evaluate the state of health of any Company, from verification and interpretation of the official data to collection of high value-added unofficial information, both in Italy and abroad. The service is also extended to Individual thanks to an extraordinary deep informative database to protect the credits.

On-line Report

Official information from the Companies Register and aggregated Global Reports complete with absolute accurate Rating and Exposure on every Italain and international Company (95 Countries online).

Investigative Reports

Highly reliable information about Individual and Italian and international Companies, thanks to thorough monitoring in the field making it possible to shed full light on the real economic-financial situation of the examined subject.


Trend rating of all the Companies subject of the analysis granted for 12 months, with accurate detection of every important occurrence (procedures, protests, negative press reports, variations in the society, etc.).

Anti-Money Laudering

Anti-money laundering Compliance Control through proper analysis of press reports and examination of lists of national and international names, in order to establish ongoing relationships exclusively with reliable and verified Companies and Individual.


Advanced advice services to protect against legal, privacy and patent risks for a full assistance in all areas.

Debt Collection