EMO™ – European Municipality Outsourcing

EMO – European Municipality Outsourcing, is a highly innovative service offered by Nivi Credit for the management of sanctions notification abroad. This outsourcing service makes it possible for the Public Authorities to quickly solve the problem of notification and recovery of sanctions issued to foreign citizens, whilst keeping the same responsibility and competence roles of the Public Entity. Nowadays more than 500 Municipal Polices shall make use of the EMO service, thus observing its validity and reliability.

Operating Efficiency

Management of all the procedural phases laid down by the various international conventions, data retrival of the owner of vehicles, standardization of addresses, reports drafting in foreign language, drawing-up and printing of the acts.

International Notification

Notification to the Coutries of residence in accordance with the existing legislation and within the deadlines specified by the law.

Security and Payment

The services make it possible to choose the favourite method of payment in total security also for freign users.

Professionalism in Debt Collection

in case of non-payment after notification, the unpaid credits are managed with the collaboration of foreign certified professionals and accredited law firms.

Non-Judicial Debt Collection