Docubank is the solution for legally admissible optical document filing and storage and the electronic document management which makes it possible to eliminate hardcopy archives and to speed up search and reproduction of archived documents, in full compliance with regulations in force (DPR n. 445/2000, DM 23/01/2004, Circ. CNIPA n. 11/2004, D.lgs. n. 82/2005).
Our service ensures the preservation of documents, by maintaining their authenticity, integrity, reliability, readability, availability and traceability.

A useful tool for a simplified management of all documents of Public and Private institutions, it allows a reduction in costs as well as an optimization of operative efficiency.


Touch&Control Solution is a high level Command and Control Geospatial System  that uses the newest technologies in the field of graphic representation and is able to offer new ways of visualization and interaction, in accordance with the paradigm Natural User Interface.

T&C Solution is a system that can be used for supervising, command and control in MCS – Mission Critical System circumstances like at portual, airports, terminal passengers and goods, security and intelligence, all situations where the combination of data coming from heterogeneous  sources and systems in real time, allows the user to have a complete vision of a specific situation and therefore to observe it and control it through just one system an just one interface.

T&C Solution is the only tool in today’s market that can meet the specific needs of the management and control rooms in different operational scenarios.

T&C Solution allows the representation of a big amount of heterogeneous  and geo-referenced data, thanks to an easy to use interface.

The interaction with T&C is made possible by a native Multitouch interface, in a graphic environment  bi or three dimensional, created to be used with new generation interaction devices, through which  the touch and the gesture represent the natural way to work, without any particular skill.

Given the native multitouch Interaction, T&C is used on a specific hardware for the  interaction component and another hardware for  the data fusion component. All this expands the T&C concept from software to system.

The interaction with the system is made possible through a native multitouch  interface, that works in a 2D and 3D environment.

All this has been specifically created for new generation devices, that can be experienced by the user  without specific skills and through which the customer will be able to work in a simple and natural way.

Our Debt Collection service can boast over 50 years’ experience and enables companies to recover business debts in a flexible and speedy way. The service boasts furthermore acknowledgements at a national level, both in the public and private sectors, as well as at an international level.

The service makes it possible for companies to recover outstanding debts independently from their extent and from lay over periods, by means of a customized action based on the nature of the credit and on the kind of debtor.
This service provides a dedicated portal created for Clients, through which customers can consult the single debt positions and obtain statistics and reports about the progress status of the entrusted cases.

This service aims at coming to an amicable solution of the collection action, so that the debtor shall continue to be a Company’s customer.

Nivi Group, representative for Italy of TCM Group International, an association grouping together debt collection companies from over 150 countries, offers a complete service also in foreign countries, availing itself of an experts’ team operating within the B2B and B2C framework.


Our Legal Aid service avails itself of legal and tax expert professionals, who are able to offer aid in the management of juridical issues concerning entrepreneurial activities.
In compliance with regulations in force and with the Forensic Deontological Code, the service furthermore offers specialized civil legal advice to individual companies and concerns.
The offered services are aimed at preventing future controversies, by means of an accurate preliminary study, judicial mediation and a careful planning of contractual aspects.

Our Legal Aid service is active in those Countries where the company operates through the TCM Group network.

Our company has been working for over 30 years by force of a Special Power of Attorney for the main Highway Companies, performing a service of collection of unpaid tolls.

To date the processed positions are about 25,000, which are estimated at €400,000,000. Calls for payment which have been sent are over 10,000,000, among requests for payment, notices to pay and letters from attorneys or correspondents of the Group, who operate in over 150 Countries.

The service provides a dedicated portal created for users, by means of which it is possible for them to consult their status of payments, to send information enquiries or objections, to supply useful documents for the settlement of their case, to carry out online payments and to make use of a multilingual contact center service.

Our business investigation service supports companies in market researches supplying necessary information concerning financial conditions and integrity of a company which is object of interest, allowing the planning of the best company strategy.

The service is able to supply special solutions within the industry and commercial sector and to customize the research project in compliance with the Customer’s timetable and needs and it offers special market researches on representative customers’ samples, business, financial, legal and management investigations.

It furthermore allows credit safeguard by means of providing information concerning financial and capital soundness and strength of companies.

This service is performed in over 100 Countries in the World.

Our Customers’ Monitoring service enables companies to monitor both new and already acquired customers, who, in case of insolvency, could compromise their financial stability.

This system is able to signal any significant change as compared to the initial status, both in terms of risks and opportunities, by means of elaborating reports, which are easy to be consulted also via a Web platform.