The T&C Solution is the IT system making it possible to monitor territory, network, road infrastructure and both urban and suburban complexes (railway stations, airports, museums, places of worship, public buildings).
T&C Solution, which has been designed to support Local Authorities and Security Forces in the control and in the management of the territory, with the direct participation of citizens, makes it possible to increment the public security level, to increase road safety, to reduce road traffic accidents and to improve urban livability as well as the citizens’ quality of life.

Through the use of a single interactive table, the system, which can be integrated with already in-use software programs, makes it possible to:

  • visualize the territory map and highlight the areas of interest
  • signal critical situations in a simple and immediate way
  • manage received notices in an effective and efficient way
  • plan interventions
  • send a real-time alert message to operators in order to enable a prompt intervention on the territory


Penitentiary Security Solution
SSPE – Penitentiary Security Solution is the modular solution which can be integrated and which allows, on the base of a single platform, to automate all penitentiaries’ management and control procedures:
from the control of prisoners to the protection of surveillance staff; from the protection of people, who on various grounds have access to the structure, up to the correct reintegration of prisoners within society.

SSPE, associated both to the technology TAG able to trace the subjects inside the penitentiary institute, by communicating the real position via Bluetooth 4.0 technology (BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy) to the system and T&C Solution, a newly-designed command and control system which allows, on the base of a single platform, to automate all penitentiaries’ management and control procedures, is the complete and innovative solution that makes it possible to modernize a penitentiary institution and to meet all present and future security needs.

SSPE, which can be perfectly integrated with the existing technologies, makes it possible, by means of limited investments and well-focused actions, to perform an efficient prison policy, as an innovation model at a national and international level.