Docubank is the solution for legally admissible optical document filing and storage and the electronic document management which makes it possible to eliminate hardcopy archives and to speed up search and reproduction of archived documents, in full compliance with regulations in force (DPR n. 445/2000, DM 23/01/2004, Circ. CNIPA n. 11/2004, D.lgs. n. 82/2005).
Our service ensures the preservation of documents, by maintaining their authenticity, integrity, reliability, readability, availability and traceability.

A useful tool for a simplified management of all documents of Public and Private institutions, it allows a reduction in costs as well as an optimization of operative efficiency.


European Municipality Outsourcing
EMO – European Municipality Outsourcing is the innovative and customized service which makes it possible to manage penalty fine notifications abroad and ensures judicial, extrajudicial and fiscal processing of outstanding debts.
EMO, which is specifically aimed at Public Administrations, is the leading international notification system in Europe, which is used by more than 650 Municipalities and Municipal Police Departments.
EMO offers a complete and innovative service for the management of sanctions/penalties, by means of a production centre, which has been planned starting from a rigorous organizational, management and industrial model, which perfectly complies with E-Government directives.

EMO makes it possible to:

  • reduce collecting days (DSO)
  • improve cash flow and working capital management
  • have at one’s disposal highly qualified legal and fiscal aid
  • optimize the use of internal resources
  • reduce management costs related to debt recovery activities

American Municipality Outsourcing
AM.M.O – American Municipality Outsourcing is our outsourcing service for the management of fines imposed due to violations against the Traffic Code in Central America. A network of co-operators and professionals follow the operative management of the procedural phases of the service, starting from the notification to the amicable settlement of the litigation, and up to the injunction (order of payment), in compliance with single national legislations.

AM.M.O makes it possible to:

  • notify national sanctions/penalties
  • notify sanctions/penalties in foreign Countries
  • speeding up bureaucratic procedures, consequently implying reductions in time and costs
  • check local legislation
  • have mother tongue staff and partners at one’s disposal

National Notification Solution
SNN – National Notification Solution is the complete IT system for the management of notification of sanctions/penalties imposed by competent authorities on citizens of their own Country and on foreign citizens.
SNN, one of the Company’s consolidated services, which has been improved over the past years using the best technological solutions, has nowadays become even more effective and efficient.

SNN makes it possible to:

  • optimize the necessary time and costs for the management of each case file
  • acquire documents both in paper and electronic format (also from mobile devices)
  • manage debt repayment plans, relieving the Authority from any charges

Our Legal Aid service avails itself of experts in the field of legal and fiscal practice, who are able to offer advice and aid.
The subjects, handled by qualified professionals at an international level, concern civil law in judicial and extrajudicial settings as well as in arbitration settings.

The most relevant services offered are the following:

  • defense before (civil, penal and administrative) courts
  • legal advice and legal aid as regards contractual, banking and financial subjects
  • assistance in clearing off administrative procedures
  • debt collection activity

The Legal Aid service is operating in the Countries where the Company is working through the TCM Group network.

Our Debt Collection service is one of the Company’s traditional activities and it allows to collect outstanding debts both in Italy and abroad.
The service can count on a 20-year experience, an internal dedicated structure and an extremely high control and monitoring ability of the debtor’s solvency, guaranteeing the constant safeguard of the creditor.
The service provides a dedicated portal created for Clients, through which customers can consult the single debt positions and obtain reports about the progress status of the entrusted cases, and for users, who will have the possibility to consult their status, to send enquiries or claims, to supply useful documents for the settlement of their position, to carry out online payments and to benefit from a multilingual contact center service.

Nivi Group, representative for Italy of TCM Group International, an association grouping together debt collection companies from over 150 countries, offers a complete service also in foreign countries, availing itself of an experts’ team operating within the B2B and B2C framework.